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Each September anAcademy Information Day is hosted at the EAA Aviation Center in Oshkosh. The Aviation Center is located at 3000 Poberezny Road. Academy representatives are on hand to answer questions, and congressional representatives will explain the nomination process. f you are interested in applying to a military academy, I think you may find Academy Day helpful.  Please call either Senator Johnson's office for up-to-date information.


Visit the following link for further information.  Should the link not work, simply search 'Navy League' with a seach engine and look for updated information.  APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICES BY 12:00 NOON MARCH 3, 2008 NO EXCEPTIONS – PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.   http://www.navyleague.org/scholarship/


Location: Maryland

Program Description:

Summer Seminar is a fast-paced, six-day experience for high achievers completing their junior year in high school. You will visit the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland, one of the nation's finest engineering colleges and participate in activities that will challenge you both mentally and physically.

Application deadline: Usually in March

Host: United States Naval Academy

Qualifications: Exclusive to young men and women who have just completed (or will be completing) their junior year of high school

Program Dates / Length: Look Online.

Housing: You will live in Bancroft Hall (the largest dormitory in the world and home to all Academy midshipmen)

Cost / Availability of Financial Aid: The tuition to attend a session in $300, which pays for your room and board, as well as a variety of materials. Each student is responsible for arranging transportation to and from the Naval Academy.  As a member of USNSCC, you may be reimbursed for the tuition costs.

Mailing Address:

United States Naval Academy
Office of Admissions
117 Decatur Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21402

Phone: 410-293-1858

Website:  http://www.nadn.navy.mil/Admissions/nass.htm


Location: New London, CT

Program Description:

Our Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) is a one-week summer program that gives you the chance to see if the Academy is right for you, and if you have what it takes to succeed. If you are selected, you will experience the rigor, discipline, and rewards of the Coast Guard Academy personally, just like a cadet, for one week in July following your junior year in high school..

Application deadline:

Estimated at 01 April 20xx.  Application will be posted in January. 

Host: United States Coast Guard Academy

Qualifications: Exclusive to young men and women who have just completed (or will be completing) their junior year of high school

Program Dates / Length:

USCGA typicall hosts three sessions of AIM in.

Week 1: Check Online

Week 2: Check Online
Week 3: Check Online

Housing: Academy dormatory.

Cost / Availability of Financial Aid:

AIM participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Academy, as well as a $350 tuition fee that covers the cost of meals and material expenses. The Academy provides lodging in Chase Hall, the cadet dormitory, at no cost. Students may want to bring a modest amount of spending money with them for snacks and souvenirs.

Need-based scholarships are available to cover either tuition or travel expenses. Scholarship application forms are available as part of the AIM application supplemental forms.

Mailing Address:

United States Coast Guard Academy
31 Mohegan Avenue · New London CT 06320-8103

Phone: 1.860.444.8503 - 1.800.883.USCG (8724)

Website:  http://www.uscga.edu/display.aspx?id=2942


Aviation Programs

South Dakota State University, Website:  http://aviationprogram.sdstate.edu

University North Dakota, Website: http://www.avit.und.edu/Academic%20Programs/f1_Undergraduate/flighted.php

Ft. Rucker, Alabama, Army Flight Website: http://www-rucker.army.mil/


VADM James H. Flatley Jr. Division, USNSCC
2949 Ramada Way, Green Bay, WI 54304
Mobile: 920.493.7561
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