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Correspondense Course Quick Links:

All of the following links are available from the Homeport web site.  http://homeport.seacadets.org

Click on the following links to find/save/print the various courses and answer sheets.

Click on the below links to be directed to Correspondense Courses and also find a linke below for printable answer sheets.  Fill out all the fields on the answer sheet!  Always secure copies (backups) of your work.

 Reference the USNSCC Advancement Manual, specifically Section 3, (Page 7) for specific advancement requirements.


Requirements for Boot Camp (RTC):

Click on the links below for items that Cadets must master prior to boot camp.  We encourage cadets to complete the BMR prior to Boot Camp.  Cadets who complete the BMR may graduate as an E-2.


 Boot Camp (RTC) Preparedness:


 Further Cadet Preparedness:

Misc Information:

Binder Pages. Keep copies of the following in your binder.  Fill in all information with a black ball point pen.  Always bring your binder to drill.  As an option, you can store and edit the Word document on you personal computer, make sure you have an up-to-date copy in you binder:


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