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Cobia Drill is CANCELLED.  Do not report to the Cobia on 14FEB2015.


Weather and ALL Cancellations shall be published on the "Cancellation Notices" on the Unit web site.

The cancellation policy is as follows:

The unit CO (or XO if the CO directs him) shall decide if drill is cancelled.

Cancellation may be due to weather, NOSC availability, security concerns, travel conditions, or staff availibility.

All cancellations shall be made (at least) 2 hours prior to the scheduled muster time.

If you are unsure prior to your scheduled departure to the drill location, call the unit CO or XO.

If a drill is postponed, similar notice will be promulgated.  A postponement is defined as a delay to the muster time and a schedule shift.  For example, if we delay muster from 0730 to 0930, the dismiss time would be delayed from 1530 to 1730. 


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