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The following is a collection of common forms for the convenience of Flatley Division cadets.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the unit, click on 'ENROLLMENT' on the left.

Current copies of the forms may be accessed from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps National Resources Portal (see our Links page).  We will do our best to make sure the links are up to date.  Feel free to report links that are broken to usnscc_flatley@hotmail.com.   The links below are provided in .pdf format.  Many forms are available in MS Word format from the national web site.  Click Here to pull up the national web site, http://homeport.seacadets.org



The following is a collection of manuals used to run USNSCC Divisions and Trainings.

NSCC Regulations Manual
NSCC/NLCC Aministrative Manual
NSCC/NLCC Advancement and Training Manual
NSCC Awards Manual
NSCC/NLCC Escort Officer's Handbook
NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations




Click Here for NSCTNG003

Use to authorize NSCC/NLCC Cadets for up to five 5 days of locally arranged training or ten 10 days of training with the US Coast Guard.  The primary purpose of this form (for our unit) is to create a record of a cadets 'off base' training and to put our insurance in force as a cadet is away from the NOSC.


Click here for NSCTNG001

Also referred to as 'National Orders'.  Use this form to authorize a nationally organized training, such as boot camp or advanced training.  In some cases, when time is at a premium, such as winter trainings, Locally Arranged Orders (above) my be requested in place of a NSCTNG001.  Here is how the NSCTNG001 form works:  1) Training will be posted on the Compass Database, or via the 1MC; 2) Cadets decide that they would like attend a specific training; 3) Parents and or cadets, with permission from the CO, may email/call the COTC to find out if billets are available.  Note that in some cases, the CO needs to communicate directly with the COTC; 4) If billets are available, immediately fill out the NSCTNG001 form and mail to the Flatley Division CO with payment.  Alternately, you can bring the form and payment to drill, whichever way is faster; 5) the CO will approve (at discretion) the orders and mail the orders to the COTC; 6) The COTC will accept the payment, officially billet the cadet, endorse the orders, and forward the orders to NHQ; 7) NHQ will endorse the orders and send back to the Flatley Unit; 8) Flatley Admin will place the orders in the cadets service jacket and turn the service jacket over to the cadet; 9) the cadet is required to hand carry the service jacket and turn it over to the COTC's administration officer upon arrival at the training.  The purpose of this system? This procedure, in principle, matches that of the Navy and other services.  It also follows the chain of command and service to communicate the process to all.  Any questions or concerns regarding the form should be directed to the Flatley Division Training Officer, XO, and/or CO.

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